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Off the Menu (OTM) is a hospitality-powered media and marketing agency specializing in events, customer acquisition, content creation and live production.

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SpeedRailz - A Revolutionary Bartending Event Series!

SpeedRailz is not just an event; it’s an experience that merges high-speed bartending skills with the energy of competitive sports. We offer two dynamic formats:Traditional SpeedRailz Format: A thrilling individual competition showcasing the speed and finesse of bartenders.Railz Relay: A team-based challenge adding a twist of strategy and collaboration to the mix.
Why Collaborate with Us?
Draw Crowds: Our events consistently attract enthusiastic audiences, significantly boosting foot traffic and sales.Enhanced Exposure: Partnering with us means tapping into the vast reach of the OTM Network, amplifying your venue's visibility.Diverse Audiences: Cater to a wide range of patrons, from industry professionals to casual enthusiasts.
Ideal Venues & Locations:
Currently expanding in Houston, Dallas, Austin, and Miami.
Ideal venues should offer sufficient space and ambiance to host high-energy events.
We require a lead time of 1-1.5 months for effective event launch and promotion.Calling Bartenders and Venues:Bartenders: If you're in Houston, Dallas, Austin, or Miami and are eager to showcase your skills, we invite you to compete in our upcoming seasons. Fill out our Season 3 application and join the excitement.Venue Managers & Owners: Looking to host a SpeedRailz event? We offer bespoke collaboration opportunities that cater to your venue’s unique character and audience. Fill out our inquiry form to start a conversation about hosting an unforgettable event.Partner with SpeedRailz:
Experience the buzz, the community, and the unmatched excitement of SpeedRailz. Let's create unforgettable nights and put your venue on the stage.
Bartender Applications: Follow the link belowConnect with John Pittman: John@bartender2ceo.com or DM on IG @bartender2ceo

Shot @Love: Revolutionizing Weekday and Brunch Experiences for Venues

Welcome to Shot @Love, an innovative event concept designed to transform weekday, happy hour, and brunch experiences into vibrant, engaging gatherings. Our unique approach combines the excitement of social games with the charm of relationship-themed discussions, creating an atmosphere that's perfect for venues looking to stand out and attract a diverse clientele.Target Market:
Our primary clientele includes venues seeking to enhance their weekday, happy hour, and brunch offerings. These venues often cater to a demographic that values unique experiences – a mix of young professionals, creative minds, and social butterflies looking for more than just a dining or drinking experience. They're drawn to environments that offer interactive entertainment, opportunities for genuine connections, and a break from the routine.
Why Shot @Love Appeals to This Demographic:Socially Engaging: Our events are tailored to encourage interaction, making them ideal for those looking to unwind, network, and meet new people in a relaxed setting.Unique Content Creation: The unique concept of Shot @Love provides ample opportunities for content creation, making it appealing for micro-influencers and content creators looking to showcase their experiences.Diverse Entertainment: From playful games like "Triple Threat" and "Situationship Showdown" to panel discussions on dating and relationships, Shot @Love offers a variety of activities that cater to different interests.Event Format Options:Exhibition Basis: Ideal for venues looking to host a one-off event to gauge interest or create a buzz.4-Week Cycles: Perfect for establishing a regular event series, allowing guests to anticipate and plan for an ongoing Shot @Love experience at your venue.Benefits for Venues:Enhanced Visibility: Collaborating with Shot @Love elevates your venue's profile, especially during typically slower weekdays or brunch hours.Unique Selling Point: Stand out against competitors by offering more than just food and drinks – provide an experience.Increased Foot Traffic: Attract a crowd looking for a unique social experience, leading to potential growth in regular clientele.Community Building: Foster a sense of community among patrons, encouraging repeat visits.Why Choose Shot @Love?Proven Concept: With a track record of successful events, Shot @Love isn't just an idea – it's a tested concept that resonates with its target audience.Customizable Experience: We tailor each event to fit your venue's ambiance and client preferences, ensuring a cohesive and enjoyable experience for all.Who Should Consider Shot @Love?Venues in urban and suburban areas looking to attract a socially active and diverse clientele.Establishments seeking to expand their appeal to include networking groups, dating singles, and social media influencers.Businesses aiming to create a buzz and increase social media presence through unique, shareable experiences.Elevate Your Brand:
This is an unparalleled opportunity for businesses and personal brands to engage with potential customers and audiences. For collaborations and marketing opportunities, please contact John Pittman at john@bartender2ceo.com or follow the collaboration link below

Content and Collabs: Revolutionizing B2B Engagement

Introducing "Content and Collabs," an innovative event concept brought to you by the OTM Network, now available for B2B collaboration. This unique platform combines professional development, brand building, public speaking training, and efficient content creation, tailored to elevate businesses and corporate environments.What We Offer:Educational Workshops: Each event begins with a session led by an industry leader or subject matter expert, providing attendees with valuable insights and learning opportunities.Interactive Networking Activities: Attendees are grouped for engaging and dynamic networking activities, fostering strong professional relationships and communication skills.Professional Content Creation: The event includes a session of professional video and photography content creation, allowing participants to build and enhance their personal and company brands.Ideal For:Venues Seeking Corporate Clients: Host "Content and Collabs" to attract corporate clientele, offering them a unique space for team building and professional development.Businesses Focused on Team Building: Ideal for companies looking to strengthen team dynamics, enhance employee skills, and foster a culture of continuous learning.Companies Aiming to Build Customer Relationships: An excellent tool for businesses seeking to deepen connections with their clients through an innovative and value-added experience.Why "Content and Collabs"?Skill Development: Enhances public speaking, networking, and content creation skills among participants.
Brand Enhancement: Provides high-quality, professional content for personal and company branding purposes.
Community Building: Fosters a sense of community within teams and with clients, strengthening relationships.Get Involved:For Venues and Businesses: Discover how "Content and Collabs" can transform your corporate engagements and team dynamics. Fill out our collaboration inquiry form for a tailored proposal.Direct Inquiries: For specific questions or to discuss potential collaborations, email John directly at John@bartender2ceo.com.Embrace the future of corporate engagement with "Content and Collabs" – where professional development meets innovative networking and brand building.

Mix'N It Up

Mix’N It Up, powered by the OTM Network's influential team, proudly unveils its latest evolution as a comprehensive marketing and media platform. Catering to venues, food and beverage brands, master mixologists, and all players in the hospitality field, we’re here to revolutionize how you connect with your audience and showcase your products.What We Offer:Expanded Customer Engagement: At Mix’N It Up, we create more than just educational sessions; we build a dynamic environment for engaging new customers and strengthening bonds with the existing ones. Our classes offer a unique and personal platform for your brand to shine.Creative and Diverse Content Creation: Our expertise lies in generating high-level, diverse content that enhances your brand's online presence. From stunning product photography and insightful interviews to genuine customer testimonials and behind-the-scenes glimpses, we provide a complete narrative for your brand.Showcasing a Range of Products: With a focus on versatility, whether it’s exquisite cocktails with specialized garnishes and infused spirits, diverse mocktails, THC-infusions, or specially-prepared gourmet food, Mix’N It Up is the ideal showcase. Our platform is expertly crafted to highlight the diverse aspects of culinary and mixology innovations.Adaptable Event Styles: Our events are adaptable, ranging from seminar-style to interactive mixology experiences where the guests receive hands on education. Whichever style you prefer we ensure that your brand's unique qualities are highlighted in the most effective way.Collaboration and Value Addition: Mix’N It Up seamlessly integrates with various event concepts, enhancing your brand's value. This approach not only diversifies the experience but also broadens the appeal to a wider audience.Enhanced Brand Awareness: Leveraging the OTM Network’s reach, we ensure extensive exposure for your brand, extending well beyond the event itself into various media platforms, vital for building a lasting market presence.Memorable Consumer Experiences: Our focus is on creating impactful, hands-on experiences that resonate with attendees, fostering positive associations and brand loyalty.This class collaboration opportunity is perfect for businesses and brands seeking an enhanced private bartender, mixology, or culinary experience. We are fully mobile and capable of bringing this exceptional experience, along with our media services, to any location chosen by our clients. Thanks to our extensive online hospitality network, we have access to the industry’s finest professionals, ensuring that your curated experience is nothing short of top-notch.Additionally, our offerings are ideal for a wide range of B2B audiences:Corporate Events & Team Building: Companies looking to add a unique twist to their corporate events or team-building exercises can benefit greatly. Our classes offer a fun, engaging way to strengthen team bonds while learning new skills.Hospitality Industry Training: Bars, restaurants, and hotels seeking to enhance their staff's mixology and culinary skills will find our classes both educational and inspirational, boosting staff expertise and service quality.Brand Launches & Promotions: For brands launching new products or looking to promote existing ones, our classes provide an interactive platform to showcase products, create buzz, and engage directly with key audiences.Event Planners & Agencies: Event planners seeking to include a unique and memorable feature in their events will find our mixology classes to be a perfect fit, offering a special experience that guests will talk about long after the event.Marketing & PR Firms: Our classes can serve as a creative strategy for marketing and PR firms looking to create experiential events and campaigns for their clients, offering a blend of entertainment, education, and brand engagement.Luxury Experiences & Concierge Services: For those in the luxury experience sector or concierge services, our classes add an exclusive element to their offerings, providing high-end clients with a sophisticated and bespoke experience.In each case, our mobile setup ensures flexibility and convenience, making it easy to integrate our services into various business models and event types. The added benefit of our media services allows for capturing these moments, further enhancing the overall experience and providing valuable promotional content.Partnering with Mix’N It UpBy choosing Mix’N It Up, you're partnering with a team dedicated to elevating your presence in the hospitality industry. Our blend of educational and recreational elements, coupled with sophisticated marketing and content creation, positions us uniquely to enhance and expand your brand.Get in TouchTo explore a partnership with Mix’N It Up and to take your brand to new heights, reach out to me directly at john@bartender2ceo.com or fill out our collaboration inquiry request form using the link provided below. With a typical launch time of 2-4 weeks, we can either market your cocktail classes for you or fully operate them, drawing on our extensive experience in marketing and bartending. Our industry supplier relations further enhance the experience, offering an all-encompassing service for your brand.

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